Love is..

love is respect
love is a skill
love is choice
love is responsibility
love is hard work
love is all around and also within
love is ill-defined
love is (un)limitless
love is what you make it
love is too often defined
        too little experienced
love is an active process
  (not something that happens to me so much as an expression of will)

found fridge poem

my teacher finds the treasure
   in my dream
wakes me up to the stars
   in the trees
swims with me through the woods
the sun comes out
   slowly for me
   in the morning


loving and tranzforming
into angels into ghosts
into humans and back again

we have opened our hearts
to the painful joy of being fully present
with each other

we share hearts

dancing and singing
learning and teaching
we grow and share our courage

whether parents or politics
we challenge and expand
our understanding and analysis
of relationship or revolution

dreaming and dying
facing our fear
walking in struggle, together

with the wisdom of the great eastern sun
you have taught me about ghosts, fear,


form is emptiness
emptiness is poetry
poetry in form
poetry formed

on the page
out of the head

filled with beauty
creativity-- bursting forth

let it out
do what u need
let it out

find new forms
see new emptiness


boundaries and dreams
spraypaint on beams

writing for nothingness
shouting words into emptiness

madly flirting with life (breath)
calmly dancing with strife (death)

tears for david

and when i close my eyes i can still see
my face
tears for david
who lives now
as a tree and an eagle
planted and released
loving family


tomorrow i will be one day older.

on the event of my birth
i could say quite a lot
but of a roman calendar
and it's recurring of days
and the coincidence of my birthday
at the end of "capricorn"
when i know of a lunar calendar
that sets my life on different timelines
what then can i say
on the event of becoming
one (solar) year older

tomorrow i will be one day old.