Keywords for Radicals: Technical details of the production of visual Constellations images

This post describes the technical process I developed for a side project I've been working on the last few months, in collaboration with my comrade Andrew Thompson. Andrew came to me last year with absolute certainty that I was the right person to take on this challenge, and I'm very grateful that he did, even though I didn't always feel so certain. The project Andrew has been working on with a group of other folks, is a book called Keywords for Radicals. I encourage you to check it out.

spidey's personal drush setup

This post is primarily a note to myself, so I can remember my way of setting drush up on a new workstation/server.

Recently, I've made this much easier on myself, by writing a quick little bash script called getdrush which lives in my ~/bin on github.

So all I need to do now, on a fresh setup is:

git clone git [at] github [dot] com:sensespidey/bin.git