Drush Body Mangler

This past week I launched a new site, and of course, it's built on Drupal. Yay!

Coming out of that project, I wanted to publish one particular story about a problem I solved along the way, to offer an explanation (and perhaps an apology) for the new d.o git sandbox project I ended up creating, currently titled "Drush Body Mangler".

No, it won't mangle any physical bodies (I hope), but it can most certainly mangle some content node body fields! Indeed, if you find yourself needing to wrangle, mangle, tangle or untangle the simple title/body fields of a Drupal 6 "node" object, and you have a hankering to do so in a scripted way, and with the help of Drush, then my hope is that this post and the code will prove a useful example for some other developers. Beyond that (as I'll get to), I hope it can be refined and improved to be even more useful to the community :)

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010: Platypodes FTW!

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 was all kinds of awesome, and I thought I'd write a quick wrap-up post to reflect on some highlights and "take-away" messages and learnings. Overall, the 2-day event was well-organized, well-run, and had lots of great presenters and discussions.

When it's difficult to choose which session to attend for most of the time slots at a conference, I think that's a good sign. DrupalCamp Toronto was certainly a great example of this! Fortunately, I understand there will be video of at least some of the sessions available, and most presenters are posting their slides or will in the coming days. I look forward to catching up on some of the sessions I missed.

I paused on my way home to make some notes on the ideas or issues that stood out for me over the last couple of days, and quickly ended up with a somewhat crowded page of inter-connected keywords surrounding a handful of themes. I'll try to tease out some of these themes in this post.

spidey's personal drush setup

This post is primarily a note to myself, so I can remember my way of setting drush up on a new workstation/server.

Recently, I've made this much easier on myself, by writing a quick little bash script called getdrush which lives in my ~/bin on github.

So all I need to do now, on a fresh setup is:

git clone git [at] github [dot] com:sensespidey/bin.git