soft, rooted chi balancing

Small world, Big teaching: an unexpected T'ai Chi encounter

On my way to pick up my daughter after work this afternoon, I found myself with a few minutes to spare before her choir practice finished. Since I'd missed my T'ai Chi practice this morning, I decided to stop in Grange park to do some form work.

I've been studying regularly for a little over two years under the Rising Sun School's excellent instructors, but I recognize that I'm still very early on a lifelong path, and still feel a bit self-conscious when I practice in public. Nonetheless, I dropped my gear at a picnic table and began to roll through the third stage of the Yang style long form taught by my teacher.

I practiced for ten minutes or so; when I finished and began to pack up to go, I noticed a man who was out walking his dog heading my way. We exchanged greetings, and the fellow asked me who I studied T'ai Chi with.

Confessions of a Fixie n00b: Part 1

Lately as I ride my trusty 12-speed through the coldest part of the Toronto winter, I find myself daydreaming about my plan to build a fixed single gear (aka "fixie") bike to replace my current ride. Don't get me wrong, I love my bike- it was gifted to me in a moment of dire need and I'm grateful for it every time it allows me to avoid the TTC or worse, driving a car. Nonetheless, I'm captivated by the idea of riding a bike which I have put together entirely myself, and which connects me in a much more direct way to the earth that supports me. Why and wherefore? Read on.

Turning 34: reflecting and regrouping for another year of growing and learning

Today I turned 34, having lived on this beautiful planet for that many complete revolutions of the earth about the sun. I was fortunate to have taken the day off work, so that I could set myself up a relaxing, quiet, reflective day to celebrate my life.

I chose to move fairly slowly (on the inside, especially), and found many things falling nicely and calmly into place, without a lot of effort on my part. I am nonetheless quite tired at the end of the day, in part because I'm not used to proceeding in this way.

found fridge poem

my teacher finds the treasure
   in my dream
wakes me up to the stars
   in the trees
swims with me through the woods
the sun comes out
   slowly for me
   in the morning