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Turning 34: reflecting and regrouping for another year of growing and learning

Today I turned 34, having lived on this beautiful planet for that many complete revolutions of the earth about the sun. I was fortunate to have taken the day off work, so that I could set myself up a relaxing, quiet, reflective day to celebrate my life.

I chose to move fairly slowly (on the inside, especially), and found many things falling nicely and calmly into place, without a lot of effort on my part. I am nonetheless quite tired at the end of the day, in part because I'm not used to proceeding in this way.


tomorrow i will be one day older.

on the event of my birth
i could say quite a lot
but of a roman calendar
and it's recurring of days
and the coincidence of my birthday
at the end of "capricorn"
when i know of a lunar calendar
that sets my life on different timelines
what then can i say
on the event of becoming
one (solar) year older

tomorrow i will be one day old.