Small world, Big teaching: an unexpected T'ai Chi encounter

On my way to pick up my daughter after work this afternoon, I found myself with a few minutes to spare before her choir practice finished. Since I'd missed my T'ai Chi practice this morning, I decided to stop in Grange park to do some form work.

I've been studying regularly for a little over two years under the Rising Sun School's excellent instructors, but I recognize that I'm still very early on a lifelong path, and still feel a bit self-conscious when I practice in public. Nonetheless, I dropped my gear at a picnic table and began to roll through the third stage of the Yang style long form taught by my teacher.

I practiced for ten minutes or so; when I finished and began to pack up to go, I noticed a man who was out walking his dog heading my way. We exchanged greetings, and the fellow asked me who I studied T'ai Chi with.