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DrupalCamp Toronto 2010: Platypodes FTW!

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 was all kinds of awesome, and I thought I'd write a quick wrap-up post to reflect on some highlights and "take-away" messages and learnings. Overall, the 2-day event was well-organized, well-run, and had lots of great presenters and discussions.

When it's difficult to choose which session to attend for most of the time slots at a conference, I think that's a good sign. DrupalCamp Toronto was certainly a great example of this! Fortunately, I understand there will be video of at least some of the sessions available, and most presenters are posting their slides or will in the coming days. I look forward to catching up on some of the sessions I missed.

I paused on my way home to make some notes on the ideas or issues that stood out for me over the last couple of days, and quickly ended up with a somewhat crowded page of inter-connected keywords surrounding a handful of themes. I'll try to tease out some of these themes in this post.