Releasing code is fun!

Today I realized that after an incredibly hectic week of work, I needed to permit myself an hour or so to do something "fun". What did I come up with? Hunt around on my various data archive media, looking for a small set of Perl modules that I stopped working actively on way way back in 2004. Clean that code up a bit, install a new module on this site, and publish it!

Net::SILC Perl API for silc-toolkit

This is an effort to implement a perl-based abstraction layer for the excellent (but unfortunately) C-based silc-toolkit package, ideally producing a functionally equivalent drop-in replacement for Net::IRC.

NB:This project has been in stasis for several years, and I'm posting this code here as an attempt to resurrect this project from certain death on my eternally crashing hard drives (at least we know google will keep a copy.. for awhile)!