Drush Body Mangler

This past week I launched a new site, and of course, it's built on Drupal. Yay!

Coming out of that project, I wanted to publish one particular story about a problem I solved along the way, to offer an explanation (and perhaps an apology) for the new d.o git sandbox project I ended up creating, currently titled "Drush Body Mangler".

No, it won't mangle any physical bodies (I hope), but it can most certainly mangle some content node body fields! Indeed, if you find yourself needing to wrangle, mangle, tangle or untangle the simple title/body fields of a Drupal 6 "node" object, and you have a hankering to do so in a scripted way, and with the help of Drush, then my hope is that this post and the code will prove a useful example for some other developers. Beyond that (as I'll get to), I hope it can be refined and improved to be even more useful to the community :)

DrupalCon Chicago 2011

I got back from Chicago a week away this past Monday, and am still reeling a bit. Both from the wealth of ideas and information I took in during my travels, as well as all that I missed while I was gone. Before I get too deep into the flood of everyday life, I thought I'd write something up to answer the main questions I've been answering and share some of the highlights of the trip.

How was Chicago?

I spent almost an entire week in Chicago, having built in an extra day to spend exploring the city before the conference(s) began. Chicago is a really interesting city, and I would love to go back and spend more time checking out all the galleries, museums and other cultural institutions it has to offer. I had heard the Chicago architecture was quite remarkable, but being unschooled in American history or the evolution of architectural schools, I didn't realize what an impact the Great Chicago fire had had on the city. It was amazing to see the great variety of different styles of buildings, and judging from the images on the wikipedia page linked above, I didn't even see the half of it. Slideshow of my photos from the trip after the break.

spidey's personal drush setup

This post is primarily a note to myself, so I can remember my way of setting drush up on a new workstation/server.

Recently, I've made this much easier on myself, by writing a quick little bash script called getdrush which lives in my ~/bin on github.

So all I need to do now, on a fresh setup is:

git clone git [at] github [dot] com:sensespidey/bin.git