Net::SILC Perl API for silc-toolkit 0.3.0-alpha

This is an "alpha" release of the most recent copy of this code I could find in the archives of the last several years of HDD crashes. Unfortunately, the only svn database I could find for this stuff was no longer compatible, and died mysteriously when I tried to upgrade it.

So this is what we have to work with. We know that a minor variation on this code did work successfully at one point, and then failed miserably and mysteriously, about 3 years ago. We know that the silc-toolkit has matured immeasurably, and there's a lot of good code here to work from in creating a solid framework for having bots/scripts in SILC.

If you are interested in helping out with this effort, and especially if you are proficient with C or perl XS code, please check the __DATA__ section at the bottom of Net::SILC::Client. Feedback is greatly appreciated!