spidey's personal drush setup

This post is primarily a note to myself, so I can remember my way of setting drush up on a new workstation/server.

Recently, I've made this much easier on myself, by writing a quick little bash script called getdrush which lives in my ~/bin on github.

So all I need to do now, on a fresh setup is:

git clone git [at] github [dot] com:sensespidey/bin.git

And I end up with a copy of drush in /usr/local/src/drush, with the drush_make project installed within that tree, and a symlink to the main drush script in /usr/local/bin/drush. You need only ensure that /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH to be able to type 'drush' freely wherever you go. I prefer this setup over a HOME-based one, since most of the servers I work on have other developers sharing the setup, and it's seems prudent to make sure everyone's working off the same versions of these handy tools.

(I'll eventually finish my "movein.sh" script, which would setup my dotfiles/preferences and, most importantly, my $PATH so that I can just type 'getdrush', but so it goes)

I'd also like to see this little script get a little smarter, so as to handle updates to the drush/drush_make scripts (ie. run it in "update mode" to refresh/replace the older versions of the scripts), as well as perhaps an optional HOME-based setup in cases of workstations/servers where this would be appropriate. Patches welcome, of course :)