Releasing code is fun!

Today I realized that after an incredibly hectic week of work, I needed to permit myself an hour or so to do something "fun". What did I come up with? Hunt around on my various data archive media, looking for a small set of Perl modules that I stopped working actively on way way back in 2004. Clean that code up a bit, install a new module on this site, and publish it!

Within my tight-knit online community of developers, comrades, and associates, it has become something of a running joke that I will eventually bring chatbots (programmatic responders pesent in the chatroom) to our little network of secure online chat channels. At one time I even fulfilled the promise briefly, and then failed spectacularly once again when the code mysteriously "broke" and I never managed to get it back online. This has fueled the joke, but also honed my determination to eventually make this a (shared) reality.

Props to Ken Chase and Jesse Hirsh for their initial support for this project, without which I could never have gotten this far. Thanks also to the authors of the original Net::IRC library, as well as the developers of the SILC real-time chat software, c0ffee, author of the silc-plugin, and toniw, who wrote the excellent silky GUI client for SILC. Both of these folks were very helpful/supportive and at one time had set up a SourceForge project for this code (I just failed to release it).

Now that I've finally dug this code up out of cold storage, I'm eager to get it back into operation again. To that end, the obvious first step was to roll it up and release it. From here, a thorough audit and update of the existing code is in order, along with an overhaul of the "glue" which sits between the silc-toolkit and Perl proper, since that is the most suspect chunk of code in terms of the mysterious breakage I previously experienced.

If anybody is interested in reviewing and/or contributing to this project (esp. C hackers, perl monks proficient in XS, or just plain-ol' SILC enthusiasts), please leave a comment below, or contact me through the usual channels :)

In the coming days/weeks, I'll setup a proper SVN repository for this stuff again, and take steps to integrate the remaining project* modules in order to facilitate/coordinate further development of this stuff. Encouragement and participation will greatly speed up this process, so let's hear it for Net::SILC!