Re-releasing net-silc code: double the fun?

In 2004 (6 years ago, or 2 eons of the internet age), I released some code that was almost useful to me a number of times, in hopes that someone else might pick it up and (if I got lucky) make it actually useful to both of us (or more!) at some point in the future. The code? Just a small perl utility, modeled after the excellent and well used Net::IRC, the basis for one of the most interesting, clean and modular IRC bots out there, mozbot. Except mozbot doesn't work in SILC, my preferred real-time chat protocol for many years.

At some point I realized that it would be feasible (and cool!) to replace the underlying API on which mozbot relied with a functional equivalent that spoke to a SILC server. I got very excited by the prospect of having a programmable utility automaton in my "virtual office" environment, without having to give up the secure and autonomous network community in which that office resided. This dream inspires me even today.

Alas, the "real world" of everyday life/work expectations and responsibilities crept in, and my office has become very much real and present. I spend very little time in any kind of chatroom these days, although I often feel it could still help a lot, even in a shared physical space. At any rate, the code languished here, on my tiny little corner of the web, until someone picked it up.

In January of 2007, I received a delightful email from one Luke Petre (whom I'd never met), had not only picked my code up, but updated it to the latest version of the silc-toolkit (1.1.9, at that time), and apparently managed to get it in a test setup. He pointed me to a (now dead) Trac Project page for the fork he'd setup, and I eagerly grabbed a copy to play with at my earliest convenience.

Sadly, I was never able to make Luke's code work, although I did exchange emails with him, and he seemed to have made at least some progress. At any rate, it seems that he too must have given up or moved on, since his code above is no longer available.

Running across my old post tonight, I realized that my original code is no longer available anywhere since I pared down this site significantly. Perhaps this code will never be of use to anyone- but perhaps not. Perhaps I have false hope based on ego and fear that no one will ever recognize me for being a good and worthy person- but perhaps not ;)

At any rate, it seemed too trivial to not do, so tonight I re-released net-silc, more as an act of letting go than anything else, really. I aspire to have it take on a life (or death) of its own, without further need for my active intervention necessarily. In 2010, we have the flourishing of so-called "social coding", and the rise of distributed version control systems, and my (false?) sense of hope is actually based right there.

The code repository was initialized using the most recent version of this code I could easily find, which appears to be one of the 2007 variants I got from Luke, although I recognize a lot of the code from the original. If you do happen to find use for this stuff, I'll consider myself extremely lucky, but please go ahead and fork it! ;)