About Spidey

spiderman is my "virtual" nickname. I took it on as an "action" name at the height of my participation in the North American Anti-Globalization movement, which arose roughly between N30 (when riots against the WTO shut down Seattle), and 9/11- notably, I chose it long before the blockbuster hollywood re-branding of "Spider-Man".

While I would never self-identify as a "superhero", it's proved useful as a way of giving a false name without lying, when placed under arrest. In fact, I'd prefer to stick to the business of being an ordinary hero (no, i'm not talking about the wildly popular NBC show); someone who can (and does) change the conditions of their life (and therefore, the world). In short: I'm not egotistical, merely ambitious (in the extreme, perhaps).

So, who is spiderman?

I'm a middle-class white kid, coming to terms with at least three rounds of "growin'up": first time in Winterpeg, second time in Whitby, and most recently in downtown Toronto. I'm a hacker by trade, opensource advocate by political choice, and web worker in an organization working for social change.

I have a keen interest in Cognitive Science, and Language Learning/Early Childhood Development especially, although I tend to despise traditional models of psychology and cognition that seek to programmatize human potential, inherently limiting our capacities by the mere act of presuming to describe them. I graduated from UofT several years back, and made the wise decision to cease my formal studies to pursue my personal tranzformation. To this end, my interests run far and wide, ranging from anatomy and human biology to political philosophy, "punk rock" buddhism and martial arts, and revolutionary political history.

Finally, I am thoroughly and completely a geek. I've been immersed in information technology from very early on, and I've developed a high degree of skill with web software and computer networks, especially opensource technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl. In the last few years, I have specialized almost exclusively in the amazingly powerful (and increasingly popular) content-management framework known as Drupal.